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  • Butter King Durian Premium Set (5 packs)

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    Butter King Premium Durian

    Butter King Durian pungent, softer, buttery, and strong taste , The flesh is often eaten ripe, when it turns to a gorgeous  yellow. The riper a butter gets, the stronger the luscious aroma becomes. The flesh turns bitter adding an extra wonderful dimension to the sweetness.


    Rind : Spine
    Shape: Concave
    Colour: yellow
    Colour and texture:  Yellow creamy firm, buttery
    Taste: Strong fragrance sweet-bitter
    Thickness: Moderate to thick
    Seed: Medium size


    Each packet is packed in a 20cm x 13cm Styrofoam box sealed to enhance its freshness within.

    All durians are packed and delivered  within the day so as to guarantee every customer satisfaction when tasting the durians.




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